August 29, 2014

You're Beautiful

This is my first post for my blog and I'm excited to be sharing a really sweet post with all (even if not many people will be reading this as yet). 

I'm writing this post from Melbourne. Arrived today with my girlfriends for a lovely and fun girls long weekend and personally to enjoy all the yummy food. 

Onto my sweet post; whilst walking back to South Bank along the river, a man walked towards me and my initial thought was that he was going to ask me for change and at the same time I was searching for change in my pockets. 

Then, to my surprise, the following comment came from his mouth "Excuse me, I just wanted to tell you that you're beautiful." 

I was instantly blown away by the lovely comment from him and noticed that my mood lifted and I smiled like I've just been handed an ice cream on a hot day! 

I was quick to judge; there are sweet and decent people regardless of situations and we should embrace all that come towards us. 

To the Melbourne man I met today on the street, thank you for the lovely compliment and really making my Friday! 

Have a lovely weekend. 

Jo x


  1. I'm happy to be your first commenter! I'm glad you had such a lovely experience, but to be honest, it would've somehow scared me a little. The very few times I got compliments from compete strangers, there was often a hunt for phone numbers and dates involved, which I didn't like.

    1. Hello Songs of Home, thank you for being my first commenter! So very exciting. Yes, agreed, it would have been scary but at these moments, it reminds me that there are good people out there and you just have to trust your gut that good things can and do happen.