December 03, 2014


What a week it has been and it's only Wednesday hump day! Today the nation (and the world) said their farewells, goodbyes and celebrated the life of a young cricket star, Phillip Hughes, who left way too young and too soon. I'm not a cricket fanatic but a life lost is still a life lost and I've come to notice that it's harder for people to accept when the life is young and strong. He truly died doing what he loved, playing cricket.

His story and the events have been all over the media and countless tributes are seen on my Facebook and Instagram. One special mention goes out to a beautiful friend of mine who personally knew Phillip Hughes and my heart goes out to her at this time and today. In the last two years she has lost two ex-loves to the other side and to see her (through Facebook) go through it again, is heartbreaking; however, her strength and positiveness is admirable.  

This week is my first week back to work from my break in Fiji and well it's clear that even a week or so away, nothing really changes (work wise). However, it was great to have some time away from the hectic routine to recharge. Although, there has been many changes at work and I feel that more changes are to come. As much as change is positive, change can be hard to accept straight away especially when there isn't clarity for the future (at this stage).

Today, more change occurred, which is what we have been experiencing since we had a new CEO start. Change is a given when a new leader is appointed and personally I believed we needed change or at least a shake up to the business. However, I must admit, today's change hit home to me a little more; today we were advised that another senior leader has decided to pursue their career direction outside of our company and a particular department of our company is downsizing, which means a few people will no longer have jobs.

Christmas is just around the corner and with these recent events, it has got me thinking about "being grateful". I understand that changes have to happen in a business and I understand that restructures occur but what I don't and I don't think I'll ever really understand is that you're dealing with people's livelihood and their future. What hits home for me with people loosing their jobs is that Christmas is only three weeks away, some have moved their lives (and family) to Sydney, some are the main breadwinners for their family and some will find it difficult to find work around this time of the year. 

These recent events have reminded me of how grateful I am. I'm alive to see another day and I have a job to go to tomorrow and a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in tonight. Every morning I walk to work and I walk pass many homeless people, and as we get closer to Christmas, I think about how lucky I am and what more I can do to help others.

As many people are frantically shopping for Christmas presents and awaiting the launch of new stores to open, I request that you take a moment out of your lives to just be grateful for what you already have in your life and give a moment to those that don't.

Jo xo


  1. Oh wow. Phew you weren't impacted by the restructure. Thank you for reminded me to be grateful, because someone is praying for what I have and take for granted.

    1. Yeah, I'm glad I'm not impacted but there is still so many changes at the moment and I guess what is impacting me most, is the uncertainty but I guess that is what change can be about to start with. Hopefully soon we'll have more certainty and structure in the future.