November 29, 2014

St. Jude's Cafe

Back into the grind of Sydney weekends with the sun shining and my morning Saturday routine of attending Eveleigh Farmers Market for my weekly "small shop", I met my friend for a morning walk and a lovely brunch. We made our way towards Reuben Hills in Surry Hills to have a morning coffee (since I hadn't had anything to eat or drink yet) and wow, there was a massive line for a table! So, we decided to grab an ice latte to take away and continue our walk through Surry Hills along Bourke Street towards Redfern.

Along Bourke Street in Redfern we came across St. Jude's Cafe (Corner Thurlow & Bourke Streets) and managed to acquire a table straight away. Instantly, the friendliness of the staff made me feel so welcome and confident that I made a good choice to come in. I've walked and driven pass St. Jude's many times but hadn't had an opportunity to try them out until today.

From the moment we sat down all the staff members were quick to ensure that we were comfortable, taken care of, water provided and made sure that the specials of the day were told to us. The cafe is a quirky decor with vintage dolls and framed photos of saints and all around the walls are orange butterflies. They then gave us some time to have a look through the menu and decide on what we wanted. Oh, boy, did everything look good on the menu; it was a hard decision. The only thing that we both knew was that we definitely wanted brunch, so breakfast style food - but WHAT? 

After looking around at other people's food like food stalkers we finally decided on both ordering the pumpkin and sweet corn fritters with a soft poached egg and a side of salad. Absolutely amazing! The sweetness of the corn mixed with the puree of the pumpkin and various spices made my taste buds dance around. To be honest, I haven't had fritters for a while so, to have it again and for it to be soooooo tasty, it sure made my morning brunch well worth it and the walk there sweet. It was a very decent serving size and filling and at the same time I just couldn't stop and wanted more. 

I will definitely be coming back to try other items from the menu as stalking the other customer's dishes, sure made me want more and gave me food envy. I totally recommend going there for brunch and even lunch (the menu looked good) and to top it off, the customer service is top-notch.

Have you been to St. Jude's? If so, let me know what your thoughts of the cafe are and what did you have? Also, any recommendations of what I should try next?

Jo xo

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