November 21, 2014

Bula From Fiji!

Bula! Day 3 here in Fiji and it's been an amazing relaxing time here. The weather has been shining down on us everyday ranging in around the 30's with a nice cool ocean breeze. The friendly "bula" (hello in Fijian) from staff and the locals puts a smile on your face every moment and it's times like this you realize that some time away to relax and recharge is needed. 

Above the clouds on the way to Fiji
In my last post, Packing for an Island Holiday, I blogged about how my girlfriend and I decided to come to Fiji to get away from the hectic Sydney lifestyle to relax, take in the glorious sun and recharge. So, here we are, day three of our lovely island trip. 

We've literally spent the last three days sitting by the pool, reading our books, eating and drinking - thinking hasn't really been required other than what day trip we want to do or what to eat. Simple! We're resorting it and staying at the Sheraton Fiji Resort on Denarau Island. The bonus with staying at the Sheraton Fiji Resort is that it's also connected to Sheraton Denarau Villas and The Westin Denarau Island Resort, all lined up next to each other, which means that we can use all the facilities at each of these resorts and charge anything back to our room. Makes it so easy and convenient; we don't have to carry cash around and we get an array of facilities to use such as the different restaurants, spas, gym and pools. 

These resorts are on Denarau Island which is a little island attached to the mainland and is dotted with many resorts so you do have the options of going to the other resorts for lunch and dinner. Most of of these restaurants are pricey and fine dining which is lovely but some nights I just want something simple, casual and light; we'll have to check out the options at the port marina tomorrow. 

Flights and accommodation with breakfast included is pretty cheap for Australians to get to Fiji but you do have to budget quite a bit for lunches and dinners here. These places are great for families though; kids are everywhere (I thought they would be at school at the moment ?!?). For young families these resorts are great as they cater for children from kids clubs to kids under 12 are free for accommodation (probably because they are sleeping in your room!) and they also eat free, so not a bad deal. 

I've previously have been to Fiji but headed straight out to the islands and I still recommend heading to the islands if you want crystal clear water and beach time. These resorts on the mainland don't have great beaches so you spend more time around the resort pools. Although the pools are pretty amazing. 

We've made friends with the resort activities staff who insist in calling us "sisters" - not sure why when we're clearly different nationalities! But, hey, when in Fiji, just go with it. Today, we joined in on the trivia and surprisingly came third! I guess I was surprised that I knew a majority of the questions; doesn't happen often so I'm happy! There are a few activities to do here such as frog jumping races, cocktail tasting, volleyball competition, paddle boarding and swimming (of course!) or there is just laying around the various pools and reading - this has been my routine; it's been tough! 

Reading time by one of the many pools
At night there isn't much to do other than have dinner. We've been going to the resort bar in the evening for cocktails and enjoying the music by the local band. They are amazing, singing local songs, chart topping songs, oldies and international songs; no joke, they've sung in Mandarin! 

Sunsets are amazing here…..
Looking forward to our day trip tomorrow to a private island, with 60 other people (totally private huh?!?). It should be fun, can't wait to get in the water to snorkel and explore under the beautiful waters. 

Jo xo

PS: I think the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, is staying here for the next couple of nights; either that or there is a whole heap of Chinese officials and security guards for the fun of it. 

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