November 12, 2014

Sculptures by the Sea 2014

Last weekend was the final weekend for the famous Scupltures by the Sea for 2014. I had lunch with some old work colleagues last Saturday at The Shed in Queens Park; a fabulous little cafe perfect for those with children as it's right next to a children's playground - a win/win for all! 

After lunch, one of my girlfriends, from lunch, and I decided to head down to Bondi to check out Sculptures by the Sea, the pop-up The Grounds by the Sea and most importantly, have a lovely catch up. I drove there and as luck would have it, managed to find unlimited free parking - Jo 1, Waverly Council 0! We gently strolled down to Marks Park where majority of the sculptures were and where The Grounds by the Sea was constructed especially for this event. 

Given that we'd just had lunch we decided to check out all the scupltures first and then head back for a shake (something yum to look forward to after the walk). It was a very busy afternoon; so many people had come to see the scupltures and I would assume it because: 
1. it's a popular free event
2. the weather was pretty good
3. it was the final weekend.

Either way, there was a lot of people walking along the beautiful coast, to admire the stunning and unusual art. We casually strolled along looking at each of the sculptures deciding on which ones we liked, which ones we didn't like so much of and what some of them meant. Maybe we should have taken one of the brochures to read about them, but that would have taken the fun out of making up our own stories of what we believed the scupltures mean. Don't you do that?

Half way through the walk we decided to take a seat on the cliff's edge and take in the stunning view of the ocean. It's moment like this that reminds me of how much I love living in Sydney. I've been lucky enough to live overseas in the UK and have travelled extensively but there is something about Sydney that brings me back. It's probably because it's home for me and it's where my family is but it's also the lifestyle that we are privileged to have here. Things like, but not limited to:
~ being close to the beaches
~ a harbour city 
~ the outdoor lifestyle 
~ the amazing food and the different cruisines
~ the weather
~ the various cultures. 

We sat there on the edge for a little while catching up and chatting about why we love our home, how we're both looking forward to the summer months, general life and plans for a holiday trip in the future. It was lovely! We then continued our walk to see the rest of the sculptures ending up at Tamarama beach admiring the giant frypan and the cool snakes and ladder sculpture, which was my friend's favourite. 

We headed back to take a look at The Grounds by the Sea and get an ice cold shake. An awesome little set up at a stunning location; it's a shame that they couldn't stay for the summer months. The staff were friendly, the menu was fabulous and the entire concept was oozing coolness! Well done to The Grounds….Hope to see more pop-ups throughout Sydney (*hint hint*). 

Did you get a chance to see Sculptures by the Sea this year? If so, what did you think? What was your favourite sculpture? 

Jo xo

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