September 07, 2014

To My Father....Happy Fathers Day

Dear Dad,

Happy Fathers Day! Happy fathers day to all the fathers out there, whether biological, step, or adoptive. If you love and care for a child, it doesn't matter if your blood is the same, what matters is the love and care you provide. 

I'm a lucky girl to have a father who loves and cares for her so much. So much so, I know he'd do absolutely anything for me. Nothing is too hard or difficult for my dad, he is always there.

My dad and I have an unusual relationship; a relationship that is hard to explain but a relationship that only we understand. We can sit together in silence for hours and we can be apart for years, but he is always my dad and I'm always his baby matter how old I am, I'm always his baby girl. 

Enjoy fathers day with your dad today or remember the great times with your dad!

Jo x


  1. Beautiful. Happy Father's Day to your dad

    1. Thank you Camielle! Really appreciate you reading my blog and commenting. Hope you had a fabulous Father's Day as well x