September 11, 2014


Today is R U OK? day. To all my friends, family, colleges and blog-freinds, R U OK? It's the national day to check in with your friends, family and even work colleges and ask them if they're OK. A conversation with someone, even if small, can change a person's mind and emotion.

As I continue to grow up in life and learn about people and myself, I've learnt, and still continue to learn, that everyone has their own issues or situations that they are going through. As close as someone maybe to you and you may truly believe that you know someone, they could be hiding their feelings and concerns to themselves, but on the surface level, everything seems fine. 

What can we all do to check in with someone? My suggestion would be to simply "inspire conversation", "inspire communication" and "inspire trust". For many people, it is difficult to talk or communicate about their situation and left untreated, I believe, the situation gets bigger than what it really is. 

I'm not an expert on depression or nor am I a psychologist, but what I have learnt is that issues left untreated becomes a disease in itself. I would encourage people to find someone they trust and talk to them about anything that is of concern to them; no matter how big or small they think the issue is. Just talking to someone can release tensions and allow situations to be viewed from a different perspective. 

Get out there and ask R U OK? and if you're someone that wants to talk to someone, I encourage you to reach out and talk. Life isn't designed to be difficult; but how you handle it and live it, is in your control. 

Jo x

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