September 24, 2014

Smile! Art & About Sydney

Today was just meant to be a normal Wednesday hump day where I get up in the morning, go to bootcamp and go to work to do my normal day's work. So, what made today's little hump day a little random? Art & About Sydney was what made my hump day a little more random, a little more interesting, a little more fun and seriously put a smile on my face (as well as others who got involved).

For lunch, my friend and I ventured out the office with the intention to go to Freedom Furniture end of lease sale to see what I could get for my home and on the way, we decided to see one of the Art & About Sydney events that is currently set up outside QVB (in front of the statue) - Us by James Dive, The Glue Society. 

What is "Us by James Dive, The Glue Society?" It's a temporary photo studio where people of the street take part in a school class photo with people you've never met before! So, a class photo with randoms (well, I did have my friend, so I did know one person in the whole class). At first I was a little hesitant but once I got in there and we had to line up from shortest to tallest I was ready for my photo.

While standing there listening to the directions and waiting to find out where I should stand, I'm there fixing my hair and trying to make sure that my clothes is straight and my jacket is looking crisp and there is nothing in my teeth when I smile. 

Class of Wednesday 12.25pm 24th September 2014
It took me right back to school when we had to get our class photos done as well as individual photos. I remember the girls would spend so much time in the toilets making sure that their hair was looking good and we'd sneak in make up that we've taken from our sisters or mothers to cover up those pimples and spots. Those were the easy days!

As random as this moment was, it was a really fun moment which I'm really glad to have experienced. It brought together a group of strangers (around 21-25 people) to work together, stand together, and just simply smile together. The most simple act of kindness is a simple smile and yet it can be the most difficult thing of people to do; especially to strangers.

To smile together with a bunch of strangers today at lunch was one of the most amazing things I have done and one that I really enjoyed and want to go and do it again with a different group of strangers. Maybe you could be a stranger in a class photo with me? 

Get out there, enjoy Art & About Sydney and most importantly from this exhibition we need to smile more, we need to smile to strangers because the most smallest and simplest act of kindness can change the mood of someone dramatically. 

If you see me out and about, smile and I'll smile back - this is something I'm going to do more often. 

Jo x

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