September 13, 2014

Volunteering & Eveleigh Markets

Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014
Spent my morning taking in the sights and sounds of Eveleigh Markets located at Redfern where the Carriageworks are located. It's a stunning community farmers market held every Saturday from 8am - 1pm, where you'll find the most amazing local, fresh, organic and artisan produce including beautiful flowers on offer. 

This is one of my most favourite farmers markets to come to every Saturday where I can taste many of the delicious food; including, steak sandwiches, cupcakes, organic breads, muesli, fudge, coffee and many many more! Other than tasting the many variety of food, I also do my weekly food shop here as I know that the produce is local, fresh and I'm supporting the local community.

Early start at Eveleigh.  Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014.
Beautiful fresh flowers at Eveleigh. Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014
Today was a special day at Eveleigh; I spent my morning volunteering for OzHarvest, a charity close to my heart and a charity that I believe in very much. OzHarvest is essentially a perishable food rescue organisation collecting quality excess food from many food providers including supermarkets, farmers markets, major events such as The City to Surf, and cafes to name a few; it is then delivered to over 500 charities to provide a nourish meal to those in need. 

Photo Credit: OzHarvest
I've been volunteering for OzHavest for a few years now and every moment has been fun and enjoyable. There are so many events to volunteer at and it's provided me with the opportunities to attend many events (The CEO Cook-Off, The Good Food Month, The Yoga Festival in Bondi) that I wouldn't normally attend and also meet many talented and fun chefs.

Why do I volunteer? Well, I find it so rewarding; a reward that money can't buy! The feeling you get when volunteering is indescribable; you just have to spend time doing something that is not for you and you'll know what I mean. Every time I've volunteered I've walk away feeling so good about myself and knowing that I have been helping (feed) someone more than me.  I'm lucky that I earn an income where I'm able to purchase food and provide myself a nourishing meal; there are many people out there, children to adults, young to old, who don't receive a meal and don't have the funds to provide for themselves so this is where OzHarvest truly helps and supports them. 

Another positive aspect of volunteering is the wonderful people I have met along the way. I've been fortunate to meet other volunteers and have made fabulous friendships, the OzHarvest staff, many of the providers such as the providers as Eveleigh Markets, many celebrity chefs and the most amazing experience is meeting the general public and speak to them about OzHarvest, what we do and why I believe and support them. 

Taylor Square Christmas Markets 2013.    Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2013
CEO Cook-Off at Carriageworks 2014.   Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014.
Think.Eat.Save. 2014 @ Martin Place.  Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014.
If you don't already, I encourage you to volunteer. You can find out more about OzHarvest, by clicking on the links, or find an organisation that is close to your heart, means a lot to you and you support because when it's something you believe in and something you're passionate about, it's not a chore, it's a desire to want to spend time helping.

I would love to hear about your own volunteering experiences and who you support. Please let me know by leaving a comment.  If you're exploring Eveleigh Markets, come find me at the OzHarvest stand; I would love to meet you!

Happy volunteering!

Jo x

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