September 03, 2014

Bringing Customer Service Back!

Have you notice lately that customer service has just disappeared somewhere into a black-hole? I've noticed that it's rare to experience great customer service and when you do, do you tell people about it? Bad customer service is always expressed, but good (or even great) customer service is unspoken of and therefore goes unnoticed. 

Surprisingly, this isn't a dig about bad customer service; true I did have a poor experience to begin with to write this post, but I wanted to share with you that giving a second chance to a business or even someone can show that the business or person can change.

I frequent Pablo & Rusty in the city, either for my morning coffee, lunch and even business meetings. Initially, when they first opened up, they were still working out the process and flow and as time went by they found their groove and the cafe oozed a funky buzz that isn't really seen in the city centre. The wait staff are friendly and accommodating; the food is delicious and the coffee is amazing!

Back to the customer service story so that you have a bit of a background; there was one afternoon I decided to go for a coffee with a friend. We sat down and ordered our coffee, and due to our timing, asked for them to be put into takeaway cups, just in case we had to up and leave quickly. Normally this has never been an issue as they have always been accommodating. However, on this occasion, it just wasn't meant to be; even after a bit of a conversation with them, they just wasn't going to provide me with my coffee in a takeaway cup!

I walked away disappointed and dishearten. I really enjoyed going to this funky cafe in the city but also felt upset that my request was "too hard" for them even when I was happy to pay the cost of eating in prices. So I decided to send them an email to provide them with feedback, yes, a unhappy complaint feedback about my experience.

The very next day I received a reply back from Sam in their head office acknowledging my feedback and not wanting to return, apologising on behalf of the company and wanting to resolve it as soon as possible. To give them a "second chance" she offered me a pre-loaded gift card to use at any of their stores.

True to her words, she sent me the gift card with a beautiful hand written letter (handwritten is so rare!) a few days later. It did take me a few weeks to return, but I did return, and I've been back frequently ever since. Their customer service has been impeccable and they have gone out of their way to assist.

It just proves that giving a second chance does work. People do make mistakes and many of them are unintentional, so it pays to give people another go because you'll be pleasantly surprised!

Yes, I did send an email back to Sam to let her know that I have returned and I'm impressed with the improved customer service. Win/win for both myself and Pablo & Rusty! Although, I must say, I do miss the "Health Shake" that you use to have on the menu and hope it has a come back soon.....but the Cashewnut Shake is amazballs! 

Photo credit: Pablo & Rusty

To Pablo & Rusty: thank you again for listening and acknowledging my feedback. It's really refreshing to see that you do take onboard your customer's feedback and actually make a change. Credits to you and your staff!

Happy customer!

Jo x

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