September 01, 2014

Girls Melbourne

Love locks on the foot bridge.  Photo credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014. 
It was a long weekend for the girls and I, and we decided to take a flight down to Melbourne for a weekend of food, shopping and sightseeing (and more shopping for some). I've been to Melbourne many times either for a long weekend visiting friends or for work and I just love going down to Melbourne for its diverse culture and most importantly the food, fabulous coffee and rooftop bars. 

The weather really took centre stage and the sun was shinning and the rain stayed away for us. There were seven girls staying at an Airbnb accommodation in Southbank which was only minutes stroll into the city centre. 

Chocolate treats. Photo credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014. 
For the first time I didn't really go shopping but instead enjoyed returning to some of my favourite food stores with one being Koko Black. They would have to be one if my favourite chocolate shops and I keep wondering when they'll open an official store in Sydney (hint hint). 

This time in Melbourne I was able to try out two new food venues: The Hardware Sociètè in the city and Dead Man Espresso in south Melbourne. 

The Hardware Sociè was a 40 minutes wait but it was seriously worth the wait and you can grab a take away coffee while waiting. The interior is a cross between rustic and "cute" with butterfly wallpaper, a wall with hanging teacups and a beautiful bright yellow tile wall. The wait staff were friendly, knowledgeable and eye catching and the food service was very quick - they have planned it very well and efficiency is key! 

Hardware Société: butterfly wallpaper, yellow tile wall and hanging lights.  Photo credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014.

Hardware Société. My breakfast of sauté mushroom, roast duck in pastry, poached eggs and a salad of apply, hazelnuts and watercress. 

Hardware Société. Cute tea cup and pot set.
WOW! Have you been to Dead Man Espresso? If not, you should! We were lucky to get seated straight away and they were able to accommodate the large group (additional two new Melbourne friends joined making it a total of nine people). The coffee was tasty and strong (just the way I like it!) and the food was delicious. I ordered the "Avocado" which was smashed (the hipster way) and topped with goats cheese and pommygranite. WOW is the word that I'll use for this dish; it was so tasty with a mix of salty (the cheese) and sweet (the pommygranite). It was also fabulous to see that they use and sell a lot of local produce and products here (support local!) - it has my tick of approval! 

Dead Man Espresso. The "Avocado"    Photo credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014.
A weekend trip away with seven wonderful friends can be challenging as each person is different, independent and very strong but being flexible does make the trip much easier. I learnt that I can be very patient and that small 'things' are just that, 'small'.

I look forward to my next trip down to Melbourne again soon. If you live in Melbourne, please do let me know as it would be awesome to meet up for brunch!

Jo x


  1. Oh lord, that food looks so delicious! You just gave me the idea to do a little foodie-trip with my husband any time soon. Thanks!
    Elvira x

    1. Hello Elvira,
      The food was amazing and seriously worth the trip down. You should plan a little foodie trip down with your husband! Please do let me know if you come across any new places worth trying! Have a fabulous time.
      Jo x