September 23, 2014

1st Birthday Party

What's not to love about a kids first birthday party? You seriously have to love everything about it; the cake, the theme, the decorations, party pies, sausage rolls, cordial, fairy bread and enough sugar to fill an Olympic pool! Oh, and not to forget, the kids!

On the weekend I attended my friend's second child's first birthday party held at a lovely neighbourhood centre out west of Sydney. The theme was bowties; come dressed with a bowtie around your neck or in your hair and join in on the fun!

It's amazing how adults just love to get dressed up even if they whine about it for days, but once at the party, they love it and walk around showing off their outfit. 

The rainbow cake made by Camielle     Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014
My friend, Camielle, has her own blog site, Gen-Y Mum (seriously go check it out); she blogs about being a mum to two beautiful boys, a wife, travel and finance. Although, I would have to say, she is also a great party planner having gone to a few of her events. 

She had planned Kai's first birthday for weeks and had handmade the bowties for the invitations to the rainbow cake! What an awesome mum! This was seriously better than a MacDonald's birthday party we use to have. 

One of the best things she organized for the adults was a food truck! Yes, you read correctly, she organized a food truck that parked out the front for us to have lunch. The truck provided us with sliders, fries, corn and vanilla & salted caramel milkshake. I didn't even know you could hire these out for parties and what an fabulous idea (something to keep up my sleeve next time when I have a party). 

                                                                                   The food truck                          Photo Credit: Dreams & Sparkle 2014
Sliders and Fries
It was a beautiful afternoon watching innocent kids play and have fun and the adults just catching up and having a laugh. I personally can't wait to have children and party plan; just got to meet Mr right! Happy Birthday Kai; thank you for inviting me to celebrate a milestone with you.

In the meantime, go check Gen-Y Mum's blog as she has plenty of great advice and tips for parents and anyone wanting ideas on travel and finance and everything in between. 

Jo x