December 15, 2014

Sydney Siege….WHY?

Today is Monday 15th December 2014. It should just be a normal Monday where we all suffer the typical "mondayitis". However, this Monday of 2014, just 10 days away from Christmas, Sydney is faced with a siege. As Sydney-siders went about their day and made their way to work, me included, at 9.45am we were faced with the news that a gun man had taken staff and customer's hostage in the city's Lindt Cafe in Martin Place.

What has happened? Why is this happening in my city? 

I'm not someone who watches the news a lot, but today, I've been glued to the television and any updated reports via the internet to understand and see what is happening. My office was in semi-lock down and we were advised to stay in doors; work at this stage pretty much was non-existent as everyone was concerned with the event going on. 

My thoughts and my heart goes out to the hostages, I don't think I can even imagine what is going through their minds or even how they are feeling. I pray that you all get out of there safely and very soon.

As I am faced with today's news I am reminded that life is precious. It's too precious to be stressing about the minor things such as shopping for Christmas presents. It's 10 days away from Christmas, we should be thinking about what is important. I know for me, it's about spending time with my family and friends and being grateful for what I have. 

We still need to continue living life and we shouldn't given into fear. No-one knows what will happen, when or how but you have to keep living and stopping every so often to remember what is important. Remember to enjoy life and spend quality time with those who are important to you; work isn't everything in life.

Stay safe and strong Sydney. 

Jo xo


  1. It's horrible isn't it? I think it has affected us all somehow as one person said on tv "Australia has lost its innocence." I'm positive that it will bring us all together stronger and united as ever before. Keep safe Jo especially since your home is so close to areas of potential threats xo

    1. It is horrible and something I hope that we'll never have to go through again, here or anywhere else in the world. However, we have to be strong and continue to live life to the fullest and not let fear rule. x