December 20, 2014

Thank you InBloom Town Hall

I want to share a lovely gesture I experienced on Wednesday by InBloom Florist in Town Hall (train station), Sydney. They so kindly demonstrated the strength and compassion us Sydney-siders have. 

A few of us from work decided to walk down to Martin Place to place some flowers in memory of the Sydney siege and to pay our respect. After walking around to two nearly sold-out florist we finally came across InBloom in Town Hall. 

They themself didn't have much left either but they did have what we were looking for so we decided to grab what we needed - two bunches and three pink long stem roses. While standing in line to pay for the flowers I noticed a sign saying (something along the lines of) "If you're purchasing flowers to place at Martin Place, let us know as it will be 50% off".

WOW! Was my first thought. We got to the front of the line to purchase the flowers and I commented to the florist "what a lovely gesture that you're doing and I comend you for being so kind". She was so lovely and said "we're experiencing a valentines day peak of customers and we didn't feel that we should be profiting from this situation".

It's just a beautiful thought and support this small business was providing and something I really wanted to share with those who read my blog. It's these kindness that shouldn't go unnoticed and they deserve the spotlight. 

To InBloom florist - thank you for your kindness and support. You have provided from the bottom of your heart and your generosity will be returned. 

If you frequent or travel through town hall station you'll find InBloom florist through the tunnel, on the way out towards George Street. Be sure to stop by and get yourself some beautiful flowers. 

Jo xo

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