September 28, 2014

Reuben Hills

The weekend in Sydney has been fabulous; the sun has been out and shinning on everyone and everything. Surry Hills had the Surry Hills Festival on Saturday which I'll write a little more about in a separate post.

Prior to going to spend most of the afternoon and evening enjoying the sights of the Surry Hills Festival, I went to have brunch with a special girlfriend at Reuben Hills  which is located in the back streets of Surry Hills. I've been here a few times and it would have to be one of my little favourite local. The coffee and food here is just amazing and the customer service is pretty good. Oh, and I love their aprons!

I ordered my usual skim piccolo and this time had ordered the "Avocado" with coriander and lime on sourdough toast and they sure aren't short on the avocado! My theory in ordering this "lighter" brunch meal was so that I left room for all the other amazing food I was going to eat at the festival - forward planning is key!

My friend had ordered the "Soft baked eggs" with goats curd, spinach,ranchero and rye. The minute I saw her dish come out, I had food envy. Something that happens quiet often so I suggested that we "share" our meals so that we can both taste a bit of everything. Is that something you do? I know it's something that I do a lot; I just love to share food which means that I get to try a little bit of everything on the menu.

One dish on the menu that keeps bringing me back would have to be the "Doggs breakfast ice cream sandwich with salted caramel", who doesn't love ice cream for brunch? To be honest, ice cream any time of the day is perfect for me. If you haven't tried this dish at Reuben Hills, I totally recommend it and if you need someone to come and help you, just let me know and I'm there. 

If you haven't been to Reuben Hills and looking for somewhere to chill, have great coffee and decent food, I would say this is a place you need to check out. If you have been, let me know what you think of the food and again, if you want someone to come and share the Doggs Breakfast with, I'm right there with you all the way!

I just love brunching and even if I've been out late the night before I somehow manage to wake up to get to brunch; the commitment I have to brunching is serious. What's your favourite place to brunch? Let me know as I'd love to check it out or the next time you go brunching, call me and I'll come and join you.

Hope you had a fabulous sunny weekend. Looking forward to summer!

Jo x

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