September 19, 2014

Oh Mary's

Last night I went to dinner with a stunning and lovely girlfriend at the famous Mary's in Newtown. My friend and I initially met through work and are still working together but our friendship outside has just grown and grown.

We've travelled overseas together to Japan in the middle of their winter! Brrrrrrr, but it was a lot of fun and something that we keep reminiscing about and keep saying that it's a place we want to return too, in the summer though! Tokyo was also where we both "randomly" bumped into Bruno Mars! Although it's a moment we can't prove because he wouldn't take a photo with us, it's a moment that we'll share forever.

Back to Mary's in Newtown....Not sure if you have been there but I have been there a few times and I would have to admit that it's the Mary's Burger that keeps bringing me back. Located at 6 Mary St, Newtown, Mary's looks like a converted church with the original floor boards. 

Walking down the dark street at night, the only way you notice Mary's is the doorman standing at the front guarding and ushering the queue of people in and the "red light". Red lights at the front of what looks like a church doesn't normally go hand in hand but it seriously works in Newtown and is perfect for Mary's!
Once you enter through the doors, you walk into a stunning wood and stone bar with a busy kitchen on your left and walls lined with their drinks and food menu. The place would have to be the first 'church' designed for hipsters! We then make our way up the stairs to the dinning area where they seamlessly manage to get everyone seated and feed semi quick without feeling rushed. Love it!

Between two girls we knew what we wanted the minute we sat down (well, probably from the moment we walked through the doors!), so we promptly order two Mary's burgers (which comes with a side of fries), half a (fried) chicken and mash and gravy. Oh, that gravy!  

We then do what any two girls would normally do while waiting for their feast. We chat and goss about our days and around us, customers come and go; waiters and waitresses are bringing food and drinks and turning the tables quicker then you'd take your underwear off. The music is loud so it's lucky you're sitting close to your friends to hear each other talk. 

Finally, our food and drinks arrive! Time for the feasting to begin. Not sure how many of you do this, even though I'm really looking forward to biting into that burger, instead I start dipping my chips into the potato and gravy (oh the gravy!) - potato on potato! The time comes for the burger to be demolished and it was inhaled! Still a very tasty burger and it would have to be one of the best I've had in Sydney to date; reminds me of the burgers that are made in America - take me back to New York!

Photo Credit: Anonymous 
I can't dismiss the fried chicken, it is very tasty and perfectly crispy, but my heart does belong to the Mary's burger - you win. If you haven't been to Mary's, I strongly encourage you to go, and if you have, invite me along to dinner with you!

Mary's is opening up a take away shop in the CBD which is due to open very soon (Sept/Oct) at 154 Castlereagh Street, Sydney - way too close to work! I will have to double my bootcamp attendance!

Jo x

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