September 30, 2014

Surry Hills Festival

On Saturday, 27 September 2010, Surry Hills held it's annual festival, Surry Hills Festival, along Crown Street and a mini market on Marlborough Street and had bands and stalls within Ward Park, Shannon Reserve & SHNC and The Velvet Cave along Bourke Street.

The weather turned it on for Surry Hills on Saturday and was shinning down for everyone to enjoy. After a delicious bunch session with my friend at Reuben Hills we wandered up to Crown Street where the festivities were.

All the cafe's along Crown Street were busy with people having brunches, lunches and coffee and Messina had its usual line down the street as it was ice cream weather. I had initially thought that the roads, especially Crown Street, would be closed off to traffic but it wasn't which was a shame as there was a lot of people walking along the street. It would have been really good if the organisers had arranged for the roads to be closed off and made into foot traffic (feedback to the organisers for next year).

Other than the roads, the festival was a lovely and fun day out for everyone who got involved. The Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre was able to raise funds with volunteers collecting donations and it was fabulous to see the local retailers, artisans, and cafes promoting themselves. There were bands playing throughout the day and night, there was a fun dog competition, a pop-up library, a bicycle powered science party and much, much more.

The festival really catered for everyone from friends, couples to families and it was great to see everyone come out and enjoy themselves and getting to know their local and if not their local, a new area. Surry Hills showcased it's relaxed persona, the artistic vibe it has and the delicious food and drinks it produces.

We pretty much spent most of our day and night just wondering around the streets of Surry Hills checking out all the retail stores and snacking at all the eateries. I can't wait till the next festival or an event to be held at Surry Hills. 

Surry Hills is so central to many neighbouring inner city suburbs and so easy to walk around. If you're around in the area I recommend you spend a day and night exploring the area; I promise that you won't be disappointed. 

Hope you had a fabulous sunny weekend wherever you were.

Jo x

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