November 16, 2014

Packing for an Island Holiday

A little semi spontaneous holiday has been booked! YAY! One of my best girlfriend and I decided that we needed a relaxing holiday in the sun. A holiday where "thinking" wasn't totally required and a holiday where we could just de-stress, relax, get some much needed sun (they say vitamin D is a necessity right?!), read our books and just simply recharge from our busy lives in Sydney.

So, from that, we have booked tickets to head to Fiji in three days! Yep, in three days! And in the next three days I need to get a pedicure, find mini toiletries, find my locks for my suitcase, locate Fijian dollars, and work two more days and that in itself has a whole heap of organising and finalisation. It's funny how the days leading up to a holiday you find yourself running around trying to get things done as well as catching up with friends. 

I wanted to share this post with you about what to pack for an island holiday as well as for the plane to make your journey a little easier. There are many blogs about what to pack and what to bring when you have kids but this one doesn't involve kids, it just involves you as the traveller. If you're anything like me then you'll also be an over packer! 

I admit that I end up re-packing my suitcase and carry on a few times before leaving for the airport. I think it's because I think that I need everything such as my entire wardrobe and my entire shoe collection but clearly for an island holiday I don't think I'll be needing my stilettos or high-waisted disco pants, but they will be considered. 

Firstly, it's an island holiday that we're going on so generally we don't need to pack that many clothes and nor will we require winter clothing as the weather in Fiji will be around 30 degrees- BLISS. Secondly, the length of the trip; we're only going for a week so taking 20 pair of underwear may be a little extreme, however, I do recommend packing a couple of spares for "just in case" - situations such as you have to stay a couple of extra nights because of flight delays (kind of hope that happens to us).

I've been sitting here thinking about what to pack into the suitcase and I've decided that I won't be taking much but the main items I will be taking are:

~ two bikini sets (maybe even three)
~ two summer dresses, these will be great for dinners
~ three pairs of denim shorts (can never have enough denim)
~ two skirts
~ a few singlets and t-shirts
~ board shorts, great for paddle boarding and kayaking 
~ kaftan, great for wearing around the beach to go to the bar 
~ couple of gym gear
~ a nice pair of sandals and a pair of thongs (aka flip flops)

Then you'll need to think about toiletry items especially if you have sensitive skin, like I do, then you'll want to ensure that you have the products that are suited for you. We'll be staying at the Sheraton so I'm going to save luggage space by not taking shampoo and conditioner as generally these are provided by the hotel but I will be taking my own body wash, toothpaste, body cream, face wash and cream. Do you pack anything in particular?

Next, you have to think about your carry on and what you're going to pack into that. There are a few items to think about and before you know it, you have a mini suitcase as a carry on but there are items I would suggest going in your carry on rather that in your check-in suitcase.

Always, always, always keep all your money (including the foreign dollars) and important documentations such as your passport, flight details, accommodation and transfer details with you. Any other items of value should also be in your carry on or on you such as jewellery and credit cards. Unfortunately, there are still dishonest people so be smart and ensure that these items are will you at all times. Depending on the country you're going to it might be worth getting a money belt (I used one while travelling around South East Asia and Europe). 

I certainly will be carrying on my laptop, iPad and iPhone with me, including all the charges. If you have a camera or any other fragile item, these should also be carried on with you. This will ensure that these items don't get accidently damaged by baggage handlers. 

If you have any medications or medications that you need to take regularly you should pack for about three days worth. "Why three days worth?" It's purely a guide but it's just in case your suitcase gets delayed or lost; you don't want to be in trouble or in another country trying to find your medication.

Although you have packed toiletries into your suitcase, it's good to have some mini (approved liquid sizes) toiletries in your carry on such as face wipes, mini toothpaste, mini body cream and even a change of clothes. "Why a change of clothes?" Well, if your checked-in suitcase is delayed or lost then you'll have a least a days worth of items with you to refresh and then go out and purchase more items if your suitcase will take a few days to arrive. 

Flying can be exciting - exciting because you're about to journey to another country to relax and experience the culture. However, flying can also be long and boring so having some comfort items can make it a lot easier for you. If you have an iPad or laptop, think about loading some movies or shows onto it so that you can pass time by watching movies or shows that you like and/or take a good book with you and even some magazines so you catch up on the goss around the world. 

Pack some healthy snacks; most airlines will provide snacks during the flight however, these are usually biscuits and sweets which you don't want to be loading yourself up on. You can pack some vegetable chips, fruit like a banana or an apple, carrot sticks and mixed nuts are great to have on hand. 

I hope you found some of these points useful. Let me know what other items you pack or have found useful as part of your travels. Now it's time for me to get packing (or re-packing) and prepare for my trip! 

Keep you eyes posted on the blog as I'll be sharing my fun and journey from Fiji - Bula!

Jo xo

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