January 29, 2015

Ice Cream, Ice Cream, I Scream for Ice Cream

Friends and family who know me well know that I have a sweet tooth and from this sweet tooth I have a weakness for ice cream. Being summer in Sydney at the moment, it's the perfect excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner {seriously, I would do this!}

I do love all varieties of sweets especially tarts, biscuits, Asian and Middle Eastern sweets. But my love for ice cream is on another level; I guess it's the combination of sweetness, creaminess and happy guilt all rolled into one. It's a pleasure I'd be happy to take to heaven with me.  

I'm so glad I don't have any issues with dairy and although there are some great alternatives in the market now (such as almond milk and coconut milk ice cream), you cannot beat a traditional cows milk ice cream. Takes me back to being a true kid again where I have a fond memory of having a bowl of vanilla ice cream with my brother who introduced me to adding milo on top of it; I believe I pretty much added the entire contents of the tin.

So, I thought I would share with you some of my favourites and amazing ice creams that makes me smile and be a kid again. 

Pat and Sticks
I have always been a fan of ice cream (obviously) and biscuits and as a kid I really loved Monaco bars. Do you remember them? I had even joined a Facebook page to bring them back a couple of years ago. So when I came across Pat and Sticks I thought I had died and gone to heaven. They were everything I wanted but more exotic. 

Pat and Sticks are famous for their ice cream sandwiches, but they aren't like the typical monaco bars. Their biscuits {or cookies as some like to call it} are so tasty and just the right consistency for bitting into; not too soft and not too hard. My favourite is the lace cookies….yummmmm. 

Ben & Jerry's
Funky! When I think of Ben and Jerry's I really think of being a kid again. I'm not sure why but I think of their flavours being fun and cheeky. The combinations and the names they give each of their flavours are just so much fun and child-like to me which is probably why I think of them as being funky and fun.

Gelato Messina
Who hasn't had an ice cream from Gelato Messina? If you haven't, then I would say that you have been living under a rock! No excuses! Messina has soooo many different flavours that it is so hard to choose which one you want each time you go and on top of that they produce many different limited editions each week which means you HAVE to go each week.

However, my all time go-to favourite flavour at Messina would have to be the salted caramel. It's one that I can't seem to say no to even when I always have the intention to have something else; but it never really happens. 

Their ice cream cakes are the bomb! Not only are they ice cream cakes but the delicate designs and creations of these cakes are in a league of their own. My favourite cake there is still the mushroom cake, I just love the crackle of the grass as it has popping candy in it. I'm so lucky to have one down the road from me so clearly, I spend a bit of time there {at this rate, it's my summer holiday house}.

Looks too good to eat. (Photo credit)
Oh the options! (Photo credit)

Science and ice cream coming together to harmonise as one. What geek wouldn't love this combination? I wouldn't call myself a geek (at all) but I love this combination; the fact that the ice cream is made in front of you is unique and something you don't see anywhere else so the idea is pretty awesome. 

They create many different weird and wonderful flavours; combinations you wouldn't dream of, but N2 does. They create flavours around holiday themes such as gingerbread for Christmas and they also create some very weird random flavours such as Chinese cough syrup. Yep, they made one with the same Chinese cough syrup I remember having when I was young - I couldn't bring myself to try this flavour. I remember they even made one with spam….spam….. Who would have thought of using tin meat for ice cream and to be honest, I like spam. 

The flavours change pretty much weekly or fortnightly with special limited edition flavours and some unique ones making a reappearance because of customer demands which is great to see. 

Ice cream science (Photo credit)

Cow and Moon
Enough said! They won the world gelato championship in Italy last year, 2014, and they are right here in Sydney! Get yourself over to Enmore and taste the award winning ice cream in the world. 

Other ice creams I love from when I was a kid are: Gay Time and Maxibons. Oh, and do you remember Bubble-O-Bill? They were fun to eat and saving the chewing gum for last - oh, the memories. What were you favourite as a kid?

What is your favourite ice cream? What is your favourite flavour? Is there an ice cream brand/variety or place you think I should go try? Have you tried any of these places/brand? If so, what do you think of them?

Jo xo

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