January 07, 2015

Hipster Cafe's

Have you noticed the amount of hipster cafe's that have been popping up around Sydney? I would have to say that 2014 was the year where many hipster cafes really boomed where you could to get great food and amazing food. I'm for one a hipster cafe follower and I'm sure, from reading many of my posts, you'll notice that I frequent many of these and I LOVE them! #sorrynotsorry

A good friend of mine, Camielle, who has her own blog, Gen-Y Mum, has written a fabulous blog titled "13 Ways You Can Tell You're at a Hipster Cafe". Here she provides a very good list to identify if you're sitting in one of these cafe's and for me when I was reading it, I was smiling, laughing and nodding at the entire list.

Photo Credit: Gen-Y Mum
I encourage you to click on the link and have a read of her post as I'm sure you'll also agree with many of the "ways" she has identified and you'll start to notice these things more as you go.

I hope that hipster cafe's continue to grow and expand in 2015 as I love brunching at many of these cafe's - somewhere where I can get great coffee and delicious food will always be high on my list and as I've mentioned before, I'm prepared to wait in line for a table!

What are your favourite hipster cafes? Is there something about them that you have notice; please share? Which hipster cafe do you think I should go try and experience?

I hope you enjoy the post from my friend, Camille, and if you enjoy what she writes about, I encourage you to follow her.

Happy reading!

Jo xo


  1. Thanks Jo. Ruben Hills is up there on my list of fave hipster cafes. So hard to choose one huh they all offer something unique that's why one must sample as many cafes as possible

    1. Any time Cam. It was such a great read and something that relates to me and my blog that was worth sharing. Reuben Hills is also one of my favs too. Let's go there next time for our catch up. It is very hard to choose as there are so many to sample; story of my life - forever chasing the hipster cafe! x