October 22, 2014

Business Chicks & Rachel Zoe

It has been a little while since posting anything to my site; I've been busy in the last week catching up with friends, going to the SoulFest festival last Saturday, catching some sun at the beach, lunching in Surry Hills at Rustic Pearl and trying the amazing food  Centennial Hotel on Sunday! Love weekends!

Today I had the pleasure of hearing the fabulous Rachel Zoe guest speak for Business Chicks. Taking a small step back, I've had a great opportunity to help Business Chicks out with their Sydney events. I've joined their "crew" team that is mostly made up of young girls (and guys) wanting first hand experience in event management so many are either still studying or have just finished and need to gain hands on work experience in the field. I think this is a great opportunity for them.

For me, it's mainly two reasons, given that I do have a full time job in a polar opposite world; 1) I wanted to do something completely different, network and meet new people (OK, maybe that's three reasons into one!) and 2) I love the speakers that Business Chicks has and wanted the opportunity to hear them speak and meet them. So, I figured, I would ask and the lovely Zoe came back to me saying "YES".

Business Chicks runs so smoothly and like clockwork but without the feeling of being rushed or stressed. All the Business Chicks staff are genuinely so lovely, friendly and patient. They are always happy and are able to explain exactly what needs to be done and always with a smile - I would have to say, it would have to be a great team to be working in; very supportive and fun at the same time. 
The "crew" team working together to get the room set up quickly. 
The perks of "crewing" with Business Chicks so far has been meeting different people, seeing and meeting the guest speakers, getting the opportunity to see how things are run in the background and how quickly an event can come together under a small amount of time, and for me, the experience to do something completely different and I'm absolutely enjoying every minute of it.

Back to Rachel Zoe; a stylist, editor and designer in the fashion world and what an amazing life she lives. Originally from New York and now based in LA, Rachel Zoe made a name for herself amongst Hollywood's A list and first hand brought back her love of the vintage era of the 1960's and 1970's. Now a fashion icon to the world, she kindly graced us with her presence on how she handles her love of her career, being a mum to two beautiful boys and a stunning wife to a man she loves and trust with all her heart, Roger. Her and Roger have been together for 23 years (AMAZING! Especially in Hollywood) and being business partners it means that they are together every minute of the day so they had to learn to shut down (from work) and spend quality time together.

Being a mum is something Rachel spoke passionately about and it was clear that it was the best decision she had made. Rachel loves children and it was always clear to her and Roger that she had to be a mother; she was called the "baby whisperer". However, initially, it was difficult for Rachel to get her head around how and when; but since having her children she said "(it) changes everything but for the best possible way".

Rachel's career success comes from being honest and trustworthy and having staff who project these qualities sits high in her world. She loves to nurture people and help them move into something they want to do with their career and she'll provide that support to them as long as they are honest and trustworthy. These two qualities truly resonates with me and it's something that doesn't always happen in the corporate world - corporate politics creep up and people (adults) begin to play games that aren't necessary.
Rachel Zoe on stage.
High Tea menu
The pretty lolly table for the high tea event
Rachel is a down-to-earth person who keeps it real and honest with her friends and family. Listening to her speak today showed the passion she has for her career and really loves what she does but to also listen and hear about the love she has for her family was a side that I respected as it's the real Rachel Zoe.

To Business Chicks, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be involved with you gals. I have an awesome time crewing with you and look forward to many more crewing dates! If you're interested in crewing with Business Chicks, I honestly recommend that you contact them.

Jo x


  1. OMG Lucky ducks!! I wanted to go to this once I heard Rachel Zoe was going. Admittedly I only found out like the night before. Great post and review of the event. Next time ask if you can bring a friend along *hint hint*

    1. Hehehe...next time I'll bring a friend along! Thanks for reading the post! She was great to see and hear.