October 28, 2014

John Smith Cafe

I received the perfect text message from my girlfriend during the weekend for a brunch catch up and she said she'll come my way. After reading a few reviews of John Smith Specialty Coffee at 1 John Street, Waterloo, it was time for me (I mean us) to go try it out.

Weekend street parking is pretty easy so it's great to know that you don't have to keep driving around in circles trying to find a spot. The cafe is located by many of the clothing factory outlets - perfect location for me! 

We arrived to a lovely waiter (very cute I must say) chalking our name to the side of the wall as their next in line for a seat. We were initially told that it would be a 20-25 mins wait for a seat, however in the space of ordering a coffee while we wait and walking back outside and an offer of water, we were seated within 5 minutes. BOOM! Loved it already!

Walking through the cafe, you walk pass a display cabinet that is smack bang in the middle and completely filled with cronuts! OH.EMMM.GEEE. I've just died and gone to sugar pastry heaven! I think I had salivated all the way to our table. 

Our real ice coffee arrived the moment we sat down in funky mason jars and it was a refreshing welcome from the heat outside. Hands down this would have to be one of the best ice coffee I've had around town and I love my coffee. Just a simple serve of real coffee, milk and ice - no nasties in there! 

Best ice coffee in Sydney!
We both ordered the same brunch item (due to my friend's food envy of seeing mine). Can't remember exactly what it was called but it consisted of two perfectly poached eggs sitting on top of a perfectly square of polenta, zucchini, sweet potato rosti with goats cheese, capers and peperonata salsa verde, and a side of trout! 

Very tasty, I must say! It could have been a little warmer but the flavours, especially the cheese and capers, all danced together and was the perfect amount of saltiness without adding more salt. The portion was decent as well so you don't walk out feeling hungry but I wish I did have room for the cronuts....oh, the cronuts! I guess this means that I'll have to go back. 

Apart from the great coffee options available (and there is plenty to cater for all, even avid tea drinkers) and the out of the box creative menu their customer service was impeccable. This is something that personally rates high for me because even if the coffee or food isn't so great (not the case for JS) I'd go back to somewhere purely because of the service. 

The staff at John Smith went out of their way to ensure what we were OK and comfortable from providing water while we waited outside, offering another table if we didn't like the bench top seating to checking that our coffee and food was to our standard.  Serious thumbs up. 

If you haven't tried John Smith Cafe yet, I seriously recommend that you do. The cafe is small so expect to wait (especially on weekends) but based on my experience the wait wasn't too long and it's well worth the wait. 

To John Smith - great coffee and fabulous food. Keep up the awesome service and you've won my heart (and my taste buds!). I'll be back to try the rest of the menu and have my new fav, ice coffee during summer. 

Jo x


  1. Um ... take me here please?!! You had me at Cronuts!!!

    1. Hehehe… I'll be more than happy to take you there anytime. When are you free?