October 06, 2014

The Copper Mill

What a fabulous long weekend we've had here in Sydney. The weather came out and played and it really felt like summer. A great start to what will be an awesome summer to come. 

Starting our long weekend, the girls and I went for brunch at The Copper Mill in Alexandria (Suite B, 338-356 Mitchell Rd). When I got there, there were people waiting outside but it really didn't take long and I was seated quickly, even though the girls hadn't arrived as yet. Personally, I thought that this was a great old school service you don't tend to get at many places as they want you to have everyone there before they'll seat you. 

I sat down and ordered a skim piccolo (my usual if you ever need to buy me a coffee *hint*) and patiently waited for my friends while people watching (something I just love doing and I create stories in my head) and studying the menu to what I was going to order. I was also looking at the meals that we're coming out to see what others had ordered and to see what I wanted to order. Do you do that? 

The menu looked good and I knew that I couldn't order every dish (sometime I wish I could), which meant I had to choose something and plan to go back next time to try something else. Oh, it feels like #FirstWorldProblems when choosing a dish off the menu. Everything on the menu just sounded so delicious and mouth-watering; it was hard but I knew that I wanted to have something a little different - not the usual eggs and bacon on sourdough toast.

I ordered the Tacu Tacu which consisted of: wild rice, spiced re-fried beans, coriander, pork chicharron, salsa criolls and a fried egg ($17) and the girls each ordered the Peruvian Roll ($10 - bargain) and Puffed Galette ($16).  WOW! My meal was delicious and very different for brunch. I've not been anywhere where they've served wild rice for brunch. I totally recommend it if you haven't tried it or haven't been. 

The cafe is small but not overly crowded which is something nice and the wait for a seat isn't long which means you're not waiting for a long time and then you're not being rushed out so that they can seat other people. 

If you haven't been go have a lovely brunch at The Copper Mill and if you have, let me know what I should have next on the menu!

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend and managed to get out and enjoy the sun!

Jo x

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